Hallowell & Branstetter is one of Pennsylvania’s leading political consulting and direct mail firms. Since forming in 2000, Hallowell & Branstetter has successfully handled over 300 political campaigns at the statewide, congressional, state legislative, county and municipal levels.

Drawing on over forty years of combined experience, Hank Hallowell and Bob Branstetter offer an effective blend of grassroots strategy, print expertise and electronic media proficiency. As a team, they have worked on campaigns from Alaska to New Hampshire, and lead a firm that facilitates any and all aspects of their clients’ campaigns.

Special Note:  We are purely political consultants.  We are NOT lobbyists. Unlike some of our competitors, we will never pressure you to support a piece of legislation or compromise our relationship with you for the gain of another client. We will make your Electoral Success our #1 and ONLY Priority.

Hank Hallowell

Throughout his professional career, Hank has worked as an advisor to the United States House of Representatives, Pennsylvania Republican State Committee, Pennsylvania State Senate and Pennsylvania State House.

While serving as Executive Director of Pennsylvania’s Republican State Committee and House Campaign Committee, Hank was responsible for hiring consultants, formulating campaign strategy, and managing campaigns from the municipal level to the state level.

In 1996, under Hank’s leadership at the House Republican Campaign Committee, Pennsylvania increased its Republican majority to 104-99, marking the first time since 1980 that the House Republicans won a majority on Election Day.

As a consultant, Hank brings a unique and thorough understanding of the political process to the private sector. His proven experience and record of winning campaigns at every level, makes him one of Pennsylvania’s most sought after political consultants.


Bob Branstetter

Bob has served as the Political Director of the Pennsylvania House Republican Campaign Committee, Associate Director of the Pennsylvania Republican State Committee and Special Projects Coordinator for the Majority Leader’s Office of the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives.

As the Political Director, Bob worked with Hank Hallowell to increase and maintain the Republican Majority in the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, and was responsible for the development of opposition research, survey analysis, campaign strategy, campaign finance and direct voter contact programs.

Bob also oversaw the Party’s financial operation and helped to implement and execute the statewide political program as the Associate Director of the Pennsylvania Republican Committee.

As a consultant, Bob has successfully developed creative and effective direct mail, electronic media and social media campaign at all levels of government. He has been retained to serve as a key strategist on numerous statewide and congressional campaigns and has developed a well-earned reputation for implementing winning campaign strategies for his clients.


Rob Brooks

Rob is the newest addition to the Hallowell & Branstetter team. His experience is in campaign strategy, grassroots and committee management, fundraising, compliance and earned media.

Having served the Republican Committee of Chester County as Executive Director, Rob has successfully managed municipal and county campaigns from township supervisor to county commissioner. He’s formulated and implemented strong fundraising efforts and oversaw a base of more than 1,500 grassroots volunteers.

He’s assisted numerous statewide, state senate and state house campaigns. As Executive Director, he played a key role in returning three state house seats to the Republican column in 2010 and ensured they stayed red during their re-elections in 2012.

As a consultant, Rob utilizes his “on the ground” experience to assist and advise candidates in all phases of their campaigns to ensure their success.